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Zehrina Hajdic

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Zehrina HajdicZehrina was originally associated with Community Housing Mid North Coast [CHMNC] as a tenant in 1997. At that time Zehrina heard of Tenant Participation and applied to CHMNC as a volunteer and was accepted in 1998. Shortly after Zehrina was offered a part admin position. CHMNC then merged with Community Housing Limited in 2009 and she continued to enjoy many opportunities. Since her early role as a Housing Worker she developed her skills and progressed through becoming an Area Manager, Corporate Service Coordinator, International and Office Support Coordinator, Project Management Coordinator and currently she is the NSW Housing Services Manager.

Zehrina has been employed in the Housing Services field for over 15 years and her involvement has provided her with a holistic view of the organisation and services required to achieve greater results. Apart from hands on experience, having studied a Cert IV and Diploma in Social Housing has developed her awareness of the main principles of the Community and Public Housing Sector.

Zehrina was heavily involved with the Tenancy Guarantee program which required her to liaise with clients and Real Estates to ensure successful tenancy outcome. Providing good rental history to enable tenants to have further success, such as securing employment, getting custody in care and develop their self-determination have been some of positive aspects of this project. During this time she has witnessed successful results and was awarded the NSW Premier’s Public Sector Award.

Zehrina is fully aware of clients need and has always worked with the aim of optimising their quality of life. Zehrina has been an active member of the community which have helped her to gain considerable knowledge of issues raised with the community and how to address them. As mentioned above Zehrina has started her journey with Community Housing as a tenant and is very passionate about customer satisfactions and aims to achieve a good and sustainable tenancies for all CHL clients. Zehrina believes in the power in people to affect positive change and is passionate about helping individuals to achieve inspiring visions and transformation for themselves, customers and staff.