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Rachael Skipper

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Rachael Skipper is the General Manager of Asset Management and Maintenance at Haven; Home, Safe (HHS) and is responsible for managing and maintaining the diverse portfolio of Affordable Housing assets owned by HHS across Victoria.

Rachael has worked in the housing and homelessness sector for over twenty years in both not for profit and state government settings. Rachael started her career in the family violence sector which is an area of policy and work that she is still keenly interested in today. Rachael has had the opportunity to work across a diverse portfolio of programs including family violence, prisons, general & youth homelessness, social housing advocacy, community housing and emergency management. Working within the State Government is where Rachael developed her passion for Housing and Homelessness Policy.

Rachael has a Bachelor Degree in Social Work from La Trobe University; a Graduate Diploma in Housing Policy and Management from Swinburne University and is currently studying a Graduate Diploma in Asset Management at the Institute of Quality Asset Management. Rachael currently sits on the Committees of Management for two regional Women’s Family Violence Services and is a member of the Australasian Housing Institute.