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Steve Altham

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Steve Altham manages one of three Perth metropolitan regions for the Housing Authority in Western Australia. A former broadcaster and journalist he spent many years with the ABC, and in commercial radio helping people grizzle about public housing on talkback radio. After stints training journalists and broadcasters in South Africa and Singapore he decided to be part of the solution, instead of helping perpetuate the problem, and moved into the social housing sector ten years ago. After a number of years as Director of Client Services, he eased gracefully into a hands-on management role as Regional Manager for the South Metropolitan Region with 110 staff managing 7,000 properties. He can be found cooking barbecues for tenants just prior to their annual inspections, cycling through complexes engaging directly with clients, and generally trying to disrupt almost anything regarded as a standard procedure in tenancy and property management. Developing alternative approaches to the global problem of anti-social behaviour as it manifests in social housing, is a personal passion. It is not just a problem for social housing, but as we wear a disproportionate share of the blame, we also need to confront the challenge of trying to find solutions.