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Mixed Tenure Housing Professional Practice Seminar

Innovation in mixed housing tenure development

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This seminar aims to provide an opportunity for social housing professionals to explore modern models of mixed tenure housing and discover and share approaches to manage place and tenancies within mixed tenure developments.



Past events

Auckland, 29 November 2016


  • Mixed tenure: design or dollars? Dr Tony Gilmour | CEO | Housing Action Network
  • Providing inclusive and accessible housing in New Zealand Nigel Smith | Asset Manager| Accessible Properties New Zealand Ltd
  • Why mix tenures? Improving community outcomes or subsidising social housing? Dominic Foote | General Manager, Operations | New Zealand Housing Foundation
  • Living in a parallel universe- who benefits from tenure mix? Dr Bernadette Pinnell | General Manager |Compass Housing Services NZ Ltd
  • Discussion Panel: Developing and managing mixed tenure housing – challenges and solutions. Convenor: Scott Figenshow | CEO | Community Housing Aotearoa
  • Roundtable


Sydney, 22 September 2015

Sydney seminar program highlights:

  • Mixed tenure: design or dollars? Dr Tony Gilmour | CEO | Housing Action Network
  • Reflections on mixed tenure developments | Rebecca Oelkers | Business Development Manager| BHC
  • UNO - Integrated service delivery across the Housing Continuum | Wendy Malycha | CEO | St John’s Youth Services
  • Place Making in Mixed Tenure Developments | Francis Brazil & Rowa Omari | Place Coordinators | SGCH
  • Mixed Tenure – Why would you do it? Perspectives from the Victorian Experience | Niall Hensey | COO & Rachel Gellatly | General Manager – Housing | Haven; Home, Safe 
  • Interactive round table discussions

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The AHI Mixed Tenure Housing seminar in Sydney on 22 September brought together housing practitioners from New Zealand, NSW, VIC, SA, WA and QLD who mixed and stirred the whole housing tenure martini.

Tony Gilmour from Housing Action Network set up proceedings by analysing the pallette of the “mix”; from tenure, social, land use, building form and city scale.
Rebecca Oelkers from BHC provided reflections on their journey through mixed tenure developments.  This was a fascinating story of an organisation established in 2002 that, seeded with a government grant, has built a portfolio of 1,500 high density affordable units, and sold another 300 to the private market along the way.  Rebecca provided sage advice to all would be CHP developers along the lines of doing your home thoroughly, being patient, planning for all scenarios, and learning from mistakes and successes.
Wendy Malycha from St John’s Youth Services in Adelaide showed participants through the UNO apartments, a CBD development that includes a youth crisis centre, private penthouses, NRAS affordable, and social housing. A remarkable partnership between Government and the community sector. Again Wendy shared her experiences behind the scenes that provided key insights into how these projects come about, the work and determination required to see them to fruition, as well as the ongoing partnerships needed for ongoing operations.
Francis Brazil and Rowa Omari, Place Managers from SGCH provided a fascinating account of bringing together the community, local services and government agencies in Riverwood North and Bonnyrigg renewal areas.  They demonstrated the valuable role for CHPs working on estate renewal projects in conjunction with government authorities.  
Rachel Gellatly and Niall Hensey from Haven, Home, Safe continued this theme by explaining their renewal work in large Victorian estates.  While telling a story of post war estates built for working families near industry centres, to the combined effects of industry decline and government policy focusing on high needs only, to the renewal of old housing stock and re-introduction of social and tenure mix, Rachel and Niall demonstrated their passion for providing the best solutions for the individuals who may be affected in different and unexpected ways by experiments in social and tenure mix.               
It was great to catch up with our New Zealand colleagues from Cort Community Housing and the NZ Housing Foundation.  Having heard more in the networking breaks about their experiences in mixed tenure developments, we will definitely see if they can headline our next MT seminar. 
Donald Proctor – AHI President