Australasian Housing Institute

Stepping Up - A Roadmap for New Supervisors

The goal of this one-day workshop is to provide participants with an accurate, real-life picture of what it means to be a supervisor, the expectations for the position, the skills and knowledge required as a supervisor, and the path to effectively supervise others.

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A supervisor's job involves many day-to-days such as planning, budgeting, problem solving and those tasks specifically associated with production and administration. This one-day workshop, however, is focussed primarily on people skills. By placing emphasis on this, we recognise that interacting with people is the foundation for success in every supervisory endeavour.


  • The Role of Supervisor
  • The Challenges You Face as a New Supervisor
  • Taking the First Step
  • Performance Components
    • Provide Clear Expectations
    • Enhance Ability
    • Promote Engagement
  • Supervisory Competencies
  • Your Personalised Roadmap

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the role of supervisor
  • Describe how to effectively deal with the challenges that new supervisors face
  • List the steps needed to get started as a new supervisor
  • Apply the principles to build credibility as a supervisor
  • Describe performance components when supervising
  • Identify the steps required to prepare a personalised road map to develop their supervisory knowledge and skills

Who should attend?

Whether you have recently become a supervisor, will soon be promoted to the position, or are seriously considering becoming a supervisor, Stepping Up is the key to realising your full potential.