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Stock Transfer Professional Practice Seminar

Taking stock of stock transfer past, present, future

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Stock Transfer Seminar in Adelaide,13 October 2014


With transfers of social housing to community housing providers gathering momentum in Australia, this seminar provided timely opportunity to take stock of stock transfer process, past, present and future. Around 70 professionals from Australia and New Zealand gathered together to explore good practice principles, challenges and concerns of stock transfer.


We would like to thank Seminar speakers for valuable contributions:

  • Professor Andrew Beer | Director. Ctre Housing Urban & Regional Plan | The University of Adelaide
  • Steve Bevington | Managing Director |Community Housing Limited Group
  • Jason Cubit | Chief Executive Officer | Horizon Housing Company Ltd | Horizon Housing Solutions Ltd
  • Tony Gilmour | CEO | Housing Action Network
  • Alison Kimber |Director|Community Partnerships & Growth  l  Housing SA
  • Hal Pawson | Professor of Housing Research and Policy | City Futures Research Centre| Housing Policy and Practice | University of NSW
  • Lyndall Robertshaw | Chief Corporate Service Officer |Compass Housing
  • Amelia Traino |Manager, Better Places, Stronger Communities Project |Community Partnerships & Growth  l  Housing SA 

Presentations from the Seminar are now available on-line for your further reference:


Stock Transfer Seminar in Brisbane, 27 November 2013


The AHI’s Stock Transfer seminar in Brisbane on 27 November 2013 provided practical guidance to Community Housing Providers, State Housing Authorities and partners on how best to plan and manage contemporary stock transfers within the social housing sector. Based on best inter-state practice, the seminar provided guidance on this complex topic with an aim of providing best outcomes for all stakeholders – especially the staff, tenants and communities impacted.


The Seminar attracted a record turnout, no doubt a sign of the rapid changes taking place in this area. We had delegates from most Australian states and territories, as well as from New Zealand. Everyone who came agreed was open in sharing information, which made a great contrast to the competitive environment when organisations bid to take-over tenancies from public housing agencies.

As AHI President Tony Gilmour noted, contemporary ‘stock transfer’ is a misnomer as you do not get the assets, and management responsibility is contracted-out rather than passed over to you for the longer term. Professor Hal Pawson gave insights not only from his co-authored AHURI research on Australian transfers, but also what has happened in Britain over the last two decades. One thing we need to learn from the Brits is how to put in place consistent transfer mechanisms for both staff and tenants.

The day’s highlight was the Expert Panel. We were joined by Jason Cubit from Horizon Housing, Hal Pawson, Nick Sabel from Wentworth Housing, David Eades from the Queensland Department of Housing Works and David Cant, BHC. One panellist afterwards described this as the most electric panel session he had ever attended, and this was from someone not known for overstatement! Although there were many challenges identified, a consensus emerged that transfers seem to be the way to go in the future. We just need to learn from best practice.

Copies of Seminar presentations are now available on-line:

Nick Sabel - Managing a Large Stock Transfer Program (pdf) 0.65MB
Tony Gilmour - Contemporary Stock Transfer (pdf) 1MB
Hal Pawson - Lifting the Lid on Public Housing Transfers (pdf) 0.6MB
Rebecca Barnes & Chelsea Morris - Compass Housing Stock Transfer Case Study (pdf) 1.2MB

Seminar Speakers:

  • Rebecca Barnes | Executive Manager, Operations | Compass Housing Services Co Ltd | NSW
  • Steve Bevington | Managing Director | Community Housing Ltd
  • David Cant | Chief Executive Officer | BHC
  • Jason Cubit | Chief Executive Officer | Horizon Housing Company Ltd | Horizon Housing Solutions Ltd | QLD
  • David Eades | Acting Deputy Director-General | Housing Services | Department of Housing and Public Works
  • Tony Gilmour | CEO | Housing Action Network 
  • Chelsea Morris | Branch Manager | Broken Hill Compass Housing Services Co Ltd | NSW
  • Nick Sabel | CEO | Wentworth Housing NSW
  • Hal Pawson | City Futures Research Centre | University of New South Wales