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Asset Management Professional Practice Seminar

Ideas and innovation to manage housing portfolios

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This professional practice seminar providing senior housing professionals with an interest in asset management the opportunity to exchange ideas and innovative practice methods to manage housing portfolios for sustainable stakeholder outcomes.

The Institute has run five events in the Asset Management series that has been held in 4 jurisdictions since 2013.  Each seminar in the series offers a unique program and a distinctive continuing professional development and networking opportunity for those working in the asset management field.

Seminars in this series seek to explore various aspects of asset management with speaker's and session topics related to one or more seminar themes:

  • What’s new in Government authority asset management
  • New asset management strategies and programs, system enhancements
  • Challenges and benefits of divesting asset management to Community sector
  • Current thinking on maintenance standards / condition assessment / resource allocation
  • Asset Management challenges when you don’t own the asset
  • Long term maintenance planning with short term leases  
  • Partnerships for asset growth 
  • Governance versus social policy in asset management 

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27 October 2017, Auckland

On 27 October 2017 the AHI hosted the 6th Asset Management Professional Practice Seminar in Auckland. It was an informative session where five presentations were given by six different speakers. All these presentations were unique in their own fields and the speakers talked about various different issues, ideas and innovation to manage housing portfolios. It was a successful event which was sponsored by SPM Assets.

The seminar was attended by 53 attendees representing 16 organisations. Participants heard the following five presentations:

Haydn Read | Head of Infrastructure Programmes | Auckland Council 

Hayden talked about big data and analytics for housing, infrastructure and building communities. He confirmed that it was a big challenge for Auckland Council to bring all dataset in one place. This dataset will be ultimately used for brownfield development capacity analysis purposes. He emphasised that the analysis of data in the same way - regardless of its location and the real time analysis of data are two critical factors for them.

Rex Harland | Asset Manager | Tamaki Regeneration Company and Kees Beentjes | Senior Asset Management Consultant | SPM Assets 

Kees and Rex provided a real example of an asset information system which is currently being used in Tamaki Regeneration project. This project is one of the biggest social housing development projects in New Zealand. The system provides data to Tamaki Regeneration to make their asset management decisions. In this project the use of data is important and that's why data need to be provided in a format not only for today but also for tomorrow and not only for maintenance, management and also for their future investment and development decision purposes.

Rachael Skipper | General Manager - Assets and Maintenance | Haven; Home, Safe

Rachael talked about her organisation’s unique journey to transform from a small housing organisation to one of the largest in Australia. Their experience will definitely assist similar type of social housing organisations in NZ to grow. Building houses and then managing those houses assist them to transform from housing manager to asset manager. However managing small pockets of properties is a real challenge for them and at the same time diversity of assets (stand alone, terrace and apartments) bring other challenges for them for management purposes.

Andrew Wilson | General Manager, Tauranga | Accessible Properties New Zealand Ltd

Andrew Talked about their recent social housing stock transfer in Tauranga, where +1100 houses’ ownership were taken from Housing New Zealand Corporation by his organisation for maintenance purposes. In this project the government retained investment, but transferred titles to them and the government’s social development Ministry decides who need rental assistance and then they have to service these people. This project allowed them to establish personal connections to their tenants and this stock transfer ultimately guaranteed the construction of 400 additional houses by them because of the value of these transferred houses. 

Monique Fouwler | National Portfolio Manager | Housing New Zealand Corporation

Monique talked about the challenge her organisation, Housing New Zealand Corporation faces everyday in managing a large number of rental units. Housing New Zealand is the biggest social housing landlord of the country and they own and manage 63,000 rental homes which serve about 4% of total population of New Zealand. This whole process is a hugely complex task for them. They perform two inspections every year which means total 126,000 inspections per year. For their task they need big data. They take different approaches in asset management for different house types where legal arrangements are also different. About 60% of their houses are standalone houses, and health and safety is very important for their maintenance purposes.

Overall the participants of the seminar took the opportunity to network and learn from each other. The AHI would like to thank all speakers for making the event a great success. We would also like to thank SPM Assets for sponsoring the seminar. 

Wrap up repared by Abu Hoque, AHI NZ branch


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10 August 2017, Sydney

On 10 August 2017 in Sydney, the AHI hosted the 5th Asset Management Professional Practice Seminar, an inspiring session discussing ideas and innovation to manage housing portfolios. Participants heard from a range of passionate and experienced practitioners including and also made the most of the opportunity to network and learn from others. The AHI would like to thank all speakers for making the event a great success. We would also like to thank SPM Assets for sponsoring the seminar. 



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10 May 2016, Adelaide

On 10th May over 40 social housing professionals with a strong interest in Asset Management came together at the Asset management Professional Practice Seminar in Adelaide to exchange ideas and innovative practice methods to manage housing portfolios.  With representation from 29 Government and non-government organisations from across Australia and New Zealand represented, conversation was rich and diverse.  This seminar was the 5th in the Asset Management series that has been held in 4 jurisdictions since 2013.  Each seminar in the series offers a unique program and a distinctive continuing professional development and networking opportunity for those working in the asset management field.

Julie Rehn, CEO at Westside Housing Association Inc and AHI Director, South Australia, offered the following wrap-up of the Adelaide seminar:

"During the seminar we have shared professional practice knowledge from the 3 sectors; not-for-profit, private and government. It was clear that we need to meet the needs of the changing demographics of our community and develop more smaller homes for the single person households as well as some larger homes for big families.

We need to have a policy framework to guide locational criteria and the quality we are aiming for. As homes are transferred from public housing to not-for-profits for management, they need to ensure the risks are managed for government  and the public.

Practice information was shared by the experienced and the wise:

  • You need to be clear about why you are collecting data
  • Take a step back each year and spend time to look at your data.  Don’t waste everyone’s time by collecting data for no good purpose.
  • Use the data to act.  Make sure you carry out programmed works.
  • Harnessing technology can produce innovation.  Don’t be left behind in this area.
  • The big challenge is how to measure what you are doing
  • Asset management is very important, not only because of the financial and safety risks involved.  It is the # 1 ISSUE FOR TENANTS."

We would like to thank Seminar speakers for their contribution:

  • James Clough- Assets Manager at Junction Australia
  • Dr Tony Gilmour - A/General Manager at Junction Australia
  • Steve Lyons - CEO and Managing Director at SPM Assets Pty Ltd
  • Donald Proctor - Group Manager Assets at Compass Housing Services
  • Julie Rehn – CEO at Westside Housing Association Inc and SA Branch Director at Australasian Housing Institute
  • Deb Robinson - Manager Strategic & Asset Services at Junction Australia
  • Gregg Ryan – Manager, Housing Solutions at Renewal SA

Feedback from participants included:

  • Great to see such an open forum/seminar.  Those in the sector willing to share ideas and strategies.
  • It was great having a mix of local, SA based, interstate and government speakers.  I enjoyed hearing from established organisations, ones in the process of growth
  • Enjoyed the interactive nature of discussions post each topic
  • Informative, good (and negative) to hear that issues faced are across all states, good to hear ideas around combatting and working with these issues



15 June 2015, Melbourne

Melbourne Program Highlights:

  • Developing an asset management strategy that meets your organisations objectives
  • Thinking long term - moving from a reactive to planned approach
  • Compass Housing Services Asset Management Framework – Immediate benefits from long term planning
  • Managing transferred assets and planning to meet strategic business directions
  • From blank page to asset management plan
  • Measuring housing assets for management and maintenance
  • Benchmarking Asset Management Performance 


29 October 2014, Brisbane

Brisbane program highlights:
  • National Regulatory System for Community Housing (NRSCH)
  • Best practice and innovation in social housing asset management
  • Thinking long term - moving from a reactive to planned approach
  • Caboolture Pilot - Fixed price per house for maintenance
  • Case study: Compass Housing Services Asset Management Framework Supply chain partnerships
  • Asset management challenges and opportunities


17 July 2014, Perth

The Seminar in Perth in July 2014 gathered together more than 30 social and community housing professionals around Australia.
Discussion areas included:
  • asset management strategy;
  • responsive maintenance and repairs;
  • planned maintenance;
  • minimising waste and inefficiency in the built asset maintenance process, stock acquisition and development;
  • partnerships and new business.


8-9 April 2013, Sydney

The Seminar in Sydney in April 2013 gathered together more than 40 social and community housing professionals around Australia to explore innovative practice methods to manage sustainable assets. During the Seminar participants had a chance to discuss challenges and opportunities in asset management space, look into financial perspectives and visit two development sites - Gallop Court in Maroubra and redevelopment project in Riverwood North.

We would like to thank the AHI NSW Branch Committee for their active involvement in the development of the Seminar Program. Special thank you goes to NSW Land and Housing Corporation for the assistance in organising the bus tour. 

Program highlights:

  • The Context - Background of the events that form the asset management environment, based on research of social housing contract models, drivers, issues and lessons learnt.
  • Build or Reuse? Virtual tours (visual display within seminar space), with multiple presenters visually showcasing specific projects and discussing why/how they chose to build or reuse and lessons learned to apply to future plans.
  • A Financial Perspective - Developing relationships with financial institutions for win:win outcomes. 
  • Financial Management Think Tank - An industry professional shares view on innovative ways to, access funding, manage expenditure and reduce costs.
  • Best Practice in Maintenance - Panel members share view on best practice in asset maintenance, with questions framed around:Responsive or planned? Expertise sourced; Using social enterprise;Involving tenants
  • Networking Drinks & Canapes with Guest Speaker*
  • Guest Speaker: Dr Tony Gilmour, CEO  Housing Action Network, AHI President, who spoke about the 21st century social housing vision on sustainable assets and neighbourhoods.
  • Asset Management Site Tour*(9th April 2013, 10 am - 3 pm) -The tour provided an opportunity to walk on two very different development sites - Gallop Court in Maroubra and Riverwood North.