Australasian Housing Institute

Understanding Trauma

This one-day workshop is designed to increase awareness, understanding and effective skills relevant to working in the housing sector with clients with trauma experiences.

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The participant can expect to develop awareness and understanding of bothclient and worker trauma experiences relevant to work in the housing sector. This will include a review of effective strategic approaches relevant to workingwith clients experiencing trauma and in managing the workers emotionalreactivity to traumatic client narratives.


  • Historical and theoretical perspectives on trauma
  • Awareness of prevalence and effects
  • How trauma affects clients
  • How trauma effects workers
  • How to communicate and work with clients experiencing trauma


  • Understand historical, theoretical and critical perspectives on trauma
  • Build awareness of the prevalence and effects of trauma
  • Understand the variability of ways that trauma experience may affectclients
  • Understand ways to manage the risk of vicarious traumatisation
  • Develop skills in communicating, also effectively working with clientsexperiencing trauma
  • Develop an understanding of further referral sources, relevant to clientswith trauma

Target audience

This workshop is aimed at housing and associated workers who may interactwith clients and consumers who may experience or may have previouslyexperienced trauma response. In particular, it is noted that whilst trauma maybe associated with some marginalised, refugee and migrant client groups – trauma response is not restricted in its impact socially and indeed may bevicariously experienced by front-line workers from many sectors and agencies.