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Working with clients who have drug and/or alcohol dependency

At times, housing and support staff work with clients who are experiencing substance abuse dependency. This one-day workshop is provided to assist housing workers who work with people who may be experiencing difficulties in living that may be associated with alcohol or substance abuse issues (abuse, misuse and dependency).

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Workshop participants will explore the issues of working more effectively with clients who are experiencing substance abuse dependency. While the training may not be able to address each specific concern that an attendee may have – or provide ideal solutions for every situation, the aim is to share and then try out different approaches and ideas that may be of help.

There are four aims to this workshop:

  1. to de-bug some of the common myths and misconceptions about alcohol and drug use
  2. to provide information about alcohol and drugs, that may be of value for workers
  3. to develop a clear conceptual understanding of substance abuse problems, as experienced by individuals and communities, and
  4. to look at strategies and techniques that may be of use to aid workshop participants in their work with alcohol and drug affected clients.

This workshop utilises both informative and interactive learning processes emphasising interpersonal skills as the foundation for an effective helping process.

Learning Outcomes

  • To be able to demonstrate relationship building skills with people with substance abuse problems
  • To understand the major models for understanding dependency and also change (abstention, harm minimisation, controlled use)
  • To examine strategies to facilitate change in substance using clients
  • To identify relevant community networks to support the worker and client

Who should attend?

This workshop is aimed at social housing professionals whose work involves direct contact with clients.

Workshop details:

Date: Wednesday 3 October 2018
Venue: Sydney CBD
Time: 9am-4pm
Presenter: Dr Steve Morgan
Price: $325 for AHI members, $420 for non-members

  • 25% Early bird discount available until Friday, 31st of August
  • 20% for bookings of 5 or more