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Anti-Social Behaviour Management Professional Practice Seminar

Good practice in managing anti-social behaviour in a social housing context.

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Managing anti-social behaviour (ASB) effectually is a key feature of providing a positive social housing experience for tenants and the surrounding communities. 

This professional practice series focusses on providing opportunity for social housing providers and tenancy managers to:

  • expand understanding of factors influencing ASB
  • discuss how housing providers can deal with ASB
  • share strategies to tackle the root causes of ASB as the best solution for long-term change and sustaining tenancies.



30 August 2017, Christchurch, New Zealand


The fist seminar in this series was held in Christchurch on 30 August 2017. It was a very successful event with 61 people turning up to talk and listen to better ways to managing Anti-Social Behaviour. 

Martin Pearce, Tenancy Operations Manager, Otautahi Community Housing

We heard about the importance of understanding not only the complaint, but the vulnerability of the complainant and the importance of getting in early to deal with the issues before they escalate.

Steve Altham, Regional Manager, Housing Authority, Western Australia

Steve talked to us about managing “disruptive behaviour management” by way of the STEP programme, which supported tenant engagement.

Alice Daniel Kirk – Area Manager, Housing New Zealand

We heard about the difference a tenant centred community building approach can make to managing behaviours, in a large high density inner city complex.

Ricky Houghton – CEO, He Korowai Trust

Talked to us about some wonderful indigenous initiatives that are growing in Kaitaia, out of the need for emergency and social housing, and how he and his community are supporting people into new communities on Maori land and home ownership.

Di Harwood – Manager Tenants Protection Association & Lisa Coulter – Educator/Advisor, Tenants Protection Association

TPA talked about the importance of training Tenancy management staff, to deal with the presenting behaviours and left us with a key message of kindness, empathy and connectedness.

Event wrap-up prepared by Jackie Pivac, New Zealand Branch Committee, Australasian Housing Institute