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'People and Places'. A Master Class Series

The People and Places Master Class series is designed to support senior housing professionals involved in place making, community renewal and urban regeneration.

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The People and Places series of Master Classes and Networking Events is designed to support senior housing professionals involved in place making, community renewal and urban regeneration.


Key aims

The content and format for these events is driven by practitioners, enabling:

  • Sharing of ‘best practice’ about the key aspects of place making, community renewal, and urban regeneration drawing on international, New Zealand and Australian practice
  • Strengthening existing professional networks within the social and affordable housing sector to enable Australians and New Zealanders engage with local, regional and international communities of practice
  • Shaping the conversation about the policy and institutional settings needed to support the delivery of community renewal activities creating strong, vibrant and sustainable communities
  • Promoting the positive contribution community renewal activities make to local communities and society more broadly
  • Building strong professional networks between housing, human service and built environment professionals
  • Highlighting the connections between well-being, home, place, economy and environment

Copies of Seminar presentations are now available on-line:

Melbourne, 7-8 December 2011
Learning from International experience
Learning from International Experience, Philip Fagan-Schmidt, Executive Director, Housing SA
Economic Participation
Victoria's Economic Participation Strategy, Harald Klein, DHS Victoria
Work and Learning Centres, Patrick O'Neil, Brotherhood of St Laurence
Showcasing projects designed to assist people into work
Access to employment and training for women in public housing, Lise Saugeres, Swinburne University
400 people into training and jobs, Gemma Cooney, Housing NSW
Public Private Partnerships, Paul Gilbertson
Integrated Urban Renewal
The impact of Stigma on tenants, policy makers and potential partners, Kathy Arthurson, Flinders University
Kensington, George Housakos, Urban Communities
Role of community housing in place making, community renewal and urban regeneration.
Why should community housing organisations be involved in community renewal, Michael Lennon, HCA
What community housing organisations need to do to become involved in community renewal, Hal Bisset, Affordable Housing Solutions
How Bonnyrigg changed St George Community Housing, Nazha Saad, SGCH
The role of Community Housing Organisations in Social Inclusion, Nazha Saad, SGCH

Adelaide, 11-12 October 2012

AHI People & Places Program 2012 (pdf) 4.3mb
AHI People & Places 2012 (ppsx) 303k
George Housakos Urban Communities at Kensington (ppsx) 24.1mb
Grove Village (pdf) 549k
Social Housing Partnerships (pdf) 94k
Tim Horton The architecture of city shaping.pdf (pdf) 12.8mb
Tony Gilmour Mixed Communities.pdf (pdf) 397k

Sydney, 5-6 June 2013

Bernie Coates - AHI Seminar 5-6 June (pdf) 1.6MB
Bruce Mercer - AHI Seminar 5-6 June (pdf) 1.8MB
Coledale Revitalisation - AHI Seminar 5-6 June (pdf) 1.5MB
Peter Williamson - AHI Seminar 5-6 June (pdf) 1.2MB
Rogers, Lilley, Butler - AHI Seminar 5-6 June (pdf) 860kB
Simon Pinnegar - AHI Seminar 5-6 June (pdf) 1.4MB
Susan Rudland - AHI Seminar 5-6 June (pdf) 743kB
Tara Day - AHI Seminar 5-6 June (pdf) 1.2MB
Tony Glimour - AHI Seminar 5-6 June (pdf) 688kB
Waterloo Green - AHI Seminar 5-6 June (pdf) 20.5MB
Wendy Sarkissian - AHI Seminar 5-6 June (pdf) 21.8MB

The series

Three Master Classes from the ‘People and Places’ series were hosted in Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney. Participants and speakers from all around Australia and New Zealand had opportunity to focus views, sharing and learning on the built form and social and economic development. The events included virtual and real tours of local and international projects giving participants the opportunity to see firsthand some of the interesting work underway and communicate with the project leaders. 

Feedback from Master Class participants in Melbourne:

The Master Class is a chance to take time to reflect and think about key challenges facing.
Graham Bodman, Housing New Zealand Corporation

Very useful forum for exchanging information and ideas.
Andrew Davis, Anglicare SA

An information packed, enjoyable conference with a range of professionals represented looking at the social and physical interaction of place based work.
Gail Price, Wyndham City, Victoria

Stimulating and challenging presentations provided. My outlook and some views I held have been challenged in a positive way. Good learning experience.
Stephanie Ring, Housing NSW

Not to be missed.
Nazha Saad, St George Comunity Housing, NSW